Junior Tennis


Emphasis will be on age appropriate skill development and enhancement of student athleticism through simple tennis activities. Tracking, throwing, and catching activities will be introduced. Students will participate in games that are both fun and tennis related. This class will be taught on a 36ft. court while using red balls and 19-21 inch racquets.


Basic techniques will be introduced for ground strokes, volleys, and serves. Students will learn the beginning phases of rallying with a partner. Students will learn how to score and begin learning the rules of the game. Little racketeers will be played on a 36ft. court using red balls transitioning to orange balls while playing on a 60ft. court. Participants will use 21-25 inch racquets.te for this clinic.


Students will learn more advanced stroke technique while focusing on the serve and return. Emphasis will continue to be placed on rallying with a partner while developing cooperative and competitive skills through individual and team activities. Singles point play will be introduced with an emphasis on ball control and sportsmanship. Students will continue to learn the rules of the game as well as scoring. Players in Training will be played on a 60ft. court using orange transition balls. A 23-25 inch racquet is appropriate for this clinic.


Emphasis will be placed on point development and placement of the ball. Students will continue focusing on cooperative rallying and point play with an introduction of doubles play. Serves and returns will be a must for the Junior Champ. Participants will be encouraged to participate in all local tournaments as well as match play events. Junior Champs will be played on a 78ft. court using green dot balls transitioning to yellow balls.


Our Division I, II, III program is designed for kids at a higher skill level who are preparing for competition using faster green dot or yellow balls. Acceptance is subject to approval by the Junior Director. Curriculum includes advanced technical and tactical skills and is for goal oriented competitive players. These programs can be used as a supplement to a weekly class or private lesson.

For more information about any of our junior tennis programs or to sign-up, please contact our Director of Jr. Developmental Tennis, Mindy White, at Mwhite.ctc@gmail.com or call 304.342.2461 extension 2